TOP 9 BEST WAIST TRAINER CORSET IN 2019 REVIEWS Ladies, have you been working out to get the so-called “hourglass” shape body but doesn’t seem to have any effective result yet? Some of you might even have a strict exercise schedule every day. For those who are lucky enough toContinue Reading

Top 10 Best Waist Cinchers in 2019 Waist cinchers are the type of thick belts that are worn across the waist for reducing the size of the waists and keeping the body almost in the shape of the hourglass. In the modern world, where perfection is the answer to everyContinue Reading

Top 10 Best Waist Trainer For Men in 2019 When a person starts to gain weight, it is common for people to have fat accumulation around the belly region. But belly fat is unattractive and if it is not taken care of at an early stage, it will be worseContinue Reading

There are areas of our body that we would all want to increase control. whether it’s a bit of lift in the bust or the butt. Especially, during holiday seasons with lots of great food and nice costumes, it becomes even more necessary. And there is certainly nothing wrong, eitherContinue Reading

An hourglass body is the dream of almost everyone, especially women. With the hectic life nowadays, people want to possess a desirable body without investing too much time and efforts. In this case, traditional vigorous methods such as going on a balanced diet, going to the gym, do exercise, etc.Continue Reading

Q 25. 1 What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS – Premenstrual Tension – PMT)? References: Premenstrual syndromes. (1997) 25-07-3502 Causation of premenstrual syndrome: Progesterone metabolite allopregnanolone in women with premenstrual syndrome. (1997) 25-01-3504 Daily plasma estradiol and progesterone levels over the menstrual cycle and their relation to premenstrual symptoms. (1995) 25-01-3505Continue Reading

Q 23. 1 I have pain in my pelvic area. Is this a common problem? Pain is the most frequent reason for patients to seek medical advice and pelvic pain is a common reason for gynaecological consultation. Pelvic pain may be acute (sudden onset), chronic (long-standing) or recurrent (intermittent). QContinue Reading