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Many symptoms, such as pelvic pain, are common. Clinical examination and investigation will frequently demonstrate an abnormality. The abnormality indicates a diagnosis which in turn suggests one or more treatment options. It all seems so straightforward that it may be tempting to think that we could programme a computer to manage the investigation and treatment of patients. Medicine, however, remains as much an art as a science. During gynaecological investigation, there is a very good chance that at least one of the following will be detected but that does not necessarily mean that it is causing your symptoms.

Table 4.1 Some common findings that may be detected during examination or investigation:



Question Number


Some authorities suggest most women have some endometriosis.More than 50% of women will develop fibroids.



Irritable bowel syndrome

15% of population currently; most people at some time of life.


Pelvic adhesions

Common after pelvic infection or with endometriosis. Almost 100% following surgery in the pelvis.


Physiological ovarian cyst

100 %.


Polycystic ovaries



Polycystic ovary syndrome



Premenstrual syndrome

95% some symptoms; 30% moderate; 5% debilitating symptoms


Prolapse, utero-vaginal

Most women have at least some degree of laxity after childbirth.


Retroverted uterus

20% of women have a womb that tilts backwards.



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I do hope that you find the answers to your women's health questions in the patient information and medical advice provided.

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