Turner's Syndrome Pictures.

Picture of Henry Turner who first describedTurner Syndrome in 1938.

Dr Ward has Turner Syndrome and is a geneticist at Akron Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio.



Knee abnormalities are present in up to 60% of patients with Turner syndrome. An example is knock-knees and this is shown in this Turner syndrome picture.


Turner Syndrome Picture - Scoliosis

Scoliosis is reported in only 12% of girls with Turner syndrome, which is significantly greater than the 2% to 3% incidence observed in the general population. Whenhen compared with girls in the general population, girls with Turner syndrome may develop scoliosis much earlier, with its initial occurrence in early childhood.

 Pictures : A young lady with Turner Syndrome - Note her short stature.

Picture of same Turner Syndrome woman at graduation.

 Picture of this lady with her family - The child does not have her genes but the fulfilment of motherhood is achievable.

More details of this remarkable woman can be found on www.nfinity.com/~exile/Turners/growingup.htm

Turner Syndrome Picture

Kylie is 17 years old and has Turner syndrome. She has competed in gymnastics for several international and national games, including the World Games. Kylie became the British Senior Champion. She began taking HRT at the age of 14 and she is now 5' 1 1/2".

Turner Syndrome Picture

Imogen at 47 years old and she has Turner's syndrome. She has been married for 24 years and works as a project administrator. She was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at the age of 2 and commenced HRT  at 23.

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http://www. Tss.org.uk/ Turner Syndrome Support Society (TSSS) 13 Simpson Court, 11 South Ave
Clydebank Business Park Clydebank G81 2NR
http://www. Turnersyndrome.ca/ Turner's Syndrome Society of Canada 323 Chapel Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7Z2
http://www. Turnersyndrome.org. Au/ National President and National Vice President Sean and Korina Kenny PO Box 425 Happy Valley SA 5159 Australia
http://www. Agat-Turner.org/ AGAT C/O A. A. A.F. A 2 rue Andr?Messager B. P 5 75860 Paris Cedex 18 France

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