PCOS is associated with ovulation problems and therefore ovulation induction is often required. The ovaries will often respond to tablets; Tamoxifen (tamoxifen infertility) is thought to provide a good balance of hormone production although clomiphene (Clomid clomiphene citrate) may also prove to be effective. If the ovaries do not respond to tablets more powerful agents (gonadotrophins e.g. Pergonal, Humegon or Metrodin gonadotrophins) given by injection will almost invariably prove to be successful. Increased levels of LH occur in 40% of women with PCOS and this seems to reduce the chance of conception and there is also an increased risk of miscarriage. LH levels can be suppressed by GnRH agonists (gonadotrophins) but disappointingly studies in these situations have shown no improvement. Ovarian drilling (ovarian drilling) may have a part to play when ovulation stimulation proves difficult to achieve with drugs. Before commencing ovulation stimulation, it seems sensible to ensure reasonable male fertility by checking a semen analysis. Many authorities recommend testing Fallopian tube patency before commencing treatment. My own view is that if there is clear evidence of PCOS and anovulation, a few months of treatment before confirming tubal patency will save many women from an uncomfortable procedure.

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