What are the chances of us conceiving?

It is impossible to give an accurate prognosis. Some couples who seem to have everything going against them succeed whereas others who seem to have a good prognosis do not. Several specialists have suggested formulae to provide some assistance in answering this central question. We have devised the following formula:

Prognostic Fertility Index =  [50- Female Partner Age] x Male Factor x Tubal Factor

/ Years of Infertility

The Male factor is the number of millions of actively motile sperm per ml of semen

 (Maximum = 5)

The Tubal Factor is assessed as follows:


5 - No known tubal disease.

4 - History of pelvic inflammatory disease both tubes patent.

3 - One tube patent and one blocked.

2 - One tube removed (e.g. For ectopic pregnancy) and

    the other tube patent.

1 - Both tubes blocked.

0 - Both tubes have been removed.

The number of years is calculated counting the current year as one. For examples:

 trying for less than one year = 1.

 trying for two years and six months = 3.

Our index does not include ovulation as ovulation induction treatment can usually overcome most ovulatory problems.

Examples of calculating the Prognostic Fertility Index are provided in Table 9.2.

Table 9.2 Examples of calculations of the Prognostic Fertility Index.

Age (Female)

Male Factor (Q9.21)

Tubal Factor

Years of Infertility

Prognostic Fertility Index




2 1/2









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