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Kids: An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes?

Kids: An Rx for Menopause'' s Hot Flashes?The finding, published recently in the journal Menopause, followed a small group of ladies who had their ovaries eliminated since they were at high … See all stories on this subject Easy Pointer To Decrease High Blood Pressure At Menopause Hormone balance at menopause helps with weight-loss and minimizing your threat for diabetes, strokes and heart disease.See all stories on this topic Menopause Symptoms-Trick or Treat?For numerous menopausal ladies, that ' s the least of their worries! You and your family could hesitate that your menopausal symptoms are the indicator of … See all stories on this topic Center for Family Wellness column: You can slow osteoporosis but can ' t avoid it Although anyone can develop osteoporosis, post-menopausal ladies– particularly Caucasian and Oriental women– are at the greatest risk.See all stories on this topic Suzanne Somers: ' Minor '

Hormones Are Crucial for Women ' s Health That ' s specifically

crucial for those experiencing the very first signs of perimenopause– the stage in a lady ' s life just before she goes into menopause … See all stories on this subject

Tenofovir gel use associated with lower HSV-2 risk in women

Tenofovir gel use related to lower HSV-2 danger in women

Analysis found danger reduced by 46 percent in females who used gel regularly; Verifies outcomes of CAPRISA 004 trialThe risk of acquiring herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) was reduced by half amongst …See all stories on this subject

UK ladies unaware of their stroke danger, brand-new survey reveals

One in eight females in the UK mistakenly believes that a stroke might never occur to them, according to the findings of a poll released today by the Stroke Association.See all stories onthis subject Neutralizing an immune

system gene could improve the success of fertility treatments in females Difficulty in conceiving a child is a

major challenge for one in 7 heterosexual couples in America, particularly for those over 35. See all stories on this subject Females more likely than guys to dismiss chest discomfort and hold-up seeking medical help for heart signs When heart symptoms strike, men and women go

with similar stages of pain but women are more probable to postpone seeking care and can put their wellness at risk

, according to a research study presented at the … See all stories on this topic New survey reveals two-thirds of women uninformed the ACA needs coverage of mammography at no expense sharing 4 in five ladies agree that access to mammograms that provide much better detection and lower their possibilities of being called back

for more testing is very important(81 percent and 82 percent, respectively )… See all stories on this subject