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Researchers are developing a noninvasive test for endometriosis

Researchers are establishing a noninvasive test for endometriosis

Scientists at UC San Francisco have recognized patterns of genetic activity that can be utilized to identify endometriosis and its severity, a finding that could offer millions of ladies an option to …See all stories on this topic

Analysts produce egg and sperm precursors utilizing human embryonic stem cells

For the very first time, researchers from the UK have effectively created primordial bacterium cells – cells that turn into egg and sperm – using human embryonic stem cells.See all stories on this subject

Hot flashes during menopause linked to hip…

Hot flashes throughout menopause linked to hip …

A research found females who experienced moderate to severe hot flashes throughout menopause were 1.78 times as most likely to eventually suffer a hip fracture.See all stories on this topic Exercise Helps Menopause Signs and symptoms and Quality of Life Middle-aged women who work out regularly report a higher quality of life and decreased signs of menopause, according to a population-based … See all stories on this topic Iron toxicity Scientists have long been puzzled about why women prior tomenopause have a substantially lower rate of

heart problem than guys, but the rates … See all stories on this topic Hot Flashes Might Increase Threat of Hip Fracture Middle-Aged Women(Image: who experience moderate to serious hot flashes throughout menopause are more most likely to have issues … See all stories on this topic Latest evidence on making use of hormone replacement therapy for treating menopausal signs Bodily hormone replacement treatment(HRT)is the most efficient treatment for menopausal symptoms, in particular for more youthful females at the start of the … See all stories on this subject

6 Culprits of "Down There" Dryness

6 Offenders of “”Down There” “Dryness No place near menopause

? Criticize vaginal dryness on your mood, meds, or perhaps your soap. Here, typical causes and the lubricant-free fixes.See all stories on this topic Hot flashes linked to increased danger of hip fracture Females who experience moderate to severe hot flashes and night sweats during menopause tend to have lower bone mineral density and greater … See all stories on this topic NVN Therapeutics Launches EstraCool(TM)Dietary Supplement for Decrease
of Menopausal … In addition to

Endometrial cancer: could bone loss drugs help?

Endometrial cancer: could bone loss drugs help?Women making use of

bisphosphonates – medications normally used to deal with osteoporosis – are far less most likely to establish endometrial cancer than women who do not, according to brand-new research.See all stories on this subject Positive acceptability for investigational contraceptive ring reported by Population Council The Population Council published new research in theNovember problem of the journal Contraception demonstrating that an investigational one-year contraceptive vaginal ring

including Nestorone & reg … See all stories on this subject Brand-new research study lays out research concerns to improve the care of ladies with female genital mutilation(FGM)Further evidence on ways to enhance the care of ladies dealing with Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)is urgently required, recommends a new study, published on 17 December

in BJOG: An International Journal … See all stories on this topic Exactly what are the health advantages of iron?Find out about the possible health benefits of iron including aiding with a healthy pregnancy, assisting both mental and physical performance and avoiding anemia.See all stories on this subject

Adding ovarian suppression to tamoxifen reduced recurrence for some women with …

Including ovarian suppression to tamoxifen minimized reappearance for some ladies with …

“For women who have not reached menopause and have hormone receptor-positive bust cancer that brings sufficient threat of recurrence that they …
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Healthcare Many Active: Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), C.

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) [Trend Evaluation] in addition to Brenda Strong Motivate Females to Modification the Discussion on Sexual Health Post-Menopause …
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Menopause. It'' s one of those taboo subjects that gets pushed under the rug. The quiet passage. But over the past decade and a half, the modification of life …
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Drugs overhaul might halve risk of breast cancer in young

The trial included 3000 pre-menopausal females and compared the five-year use of tamoxifen alone, tamoxifen plus ovarian suppression, and …
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Bust cancer prevention drug lowers opportunities of relapse in young survivors: Australian research study

YOUNG breast cancer survivors can increase their possibility of continuing to be cancer-free by causing artificial menopause, a major Australian-led research study has …
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