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Study Shows Antidepressants May Lead to Hot Flashes and Insomnia

Research study Reveals Antidepressants May Cause Hot Flashes and Sleeping disorders

These flashes are experienced by 80 % of females around the time of menopause, and also by men due to a minimizing of testosterone in middle age.See all stories on this subject Helios CORP to Compare EstroG-100, Black Cohosh SANTA FE, N.M.– Helios CORP will check its EstroG-100 ingredient in a side-by-side contrast with black cohosh to observe its effect on menopause … See all stories on this subject Examine it out: Upcoming health events in the Valley Women who enter menopause prior to age 45
have a raised threat of cardiovascular disease and Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson, an epidemiologist at … See all stories on this topic Testosterone Has Nothing To Do With Erections I was enjoying a television and I heard a physician saying all guys will certainly get enlarged prostate and he likewise connected prostate cancer to menopause in guys … See all stories on this subject 3 Surprising Ways To Cool Down Your Hot Flashes Something all senior women have in common, regardless of background, is menopause. This condition, which The Mayo Clinic mentioned affects females … See all stories on this topic

Laser Reverses Vaginal Atrophy

Laser Reverses Vaginal Degeneration

It is an issue that primarily affects older female, but can also influence younger ladies whose bodies have been forced into early menopause by medicine …
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Cancer: getting to the fat of the issue

In some research studies, obese and weight problems have, by contrast, been found to be related to a decreased threat of pre-menopausal breast cancer. This is …
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Saving ovaries does not assist prevent prolapse for females after menopauseSurprise WHI discovering indicate age, not menopause, as a threat Eliminating …
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Menopause truth: I was frightened and didn'' t understand why, and my General Practitioner told me I was insane

Hearing other females'' s experiences of menopause can be a powerful support at a time when numerous of us feel baffled and separated. In the first in a …
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Easy Tips to KISS Away Menopausal Holiday Stress

The holidays can be demanding under the very best of times, much less when menopausal hormones have you hot flashing, not sleeping and let'' s face it, …
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Sitting time at work linked to obesity in women

Sitting time at work connecteded to weight problems in females

All of us know that physical activity plays an important function in our health, but a brand-new research study suggests that occupational sitting increases threats of excessive weight in females – but not in men.See all stories on this subject Mental health inequalities in detection of breast cancer Ladies with a mental illness (consisting of

depression, stress and anxiety and major mental illnesses )are less likely to be evaluated for breast cancer, according to new study published in the BJPsych.See all stories on this subject

Researchers identify factors that may boost success of artificial insemination

Researchers recognize elements that might enhance success of synthetic insemination

Researchers have identified a number of factors that may increase the chance of pregnancy following artificial insemination, such as uterine contractions and follicular rupture.See all stories on this subject In India, homeless, mentally ill women deal with vicious circle An award-winning research study by a Loyola University Chicago

Stritch School of Medicine researcher has recorded how homeless

, mentally ill ladies in India face a vicious cycle: Throughout psychotic … See all stories on this topic

Menopause is natural – suffering isn't

Menopause is natural – suffering isn'' t

What vexed Frostrup was the fact that her personal medical insurance provider did not appear to cover the costs of treating her menopause-related …
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Shattering sign of menopause that no person cautions you about

Colin Espie, teacher of behavioural sleep medicine at Oxford University, states: '' The menopause or linked HRT treatment is a time of major …
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Menopause management GP tool

resource_health_topics; Menopause management GP device (previously known as the Menopause algorithm); resource_health_topics …
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EstroG-100 & & Black Cohosh To Be Checked Side-by-Side for Treating Menopause Signs and symptoms

“Numerous females are still taking Black Cohosh as an everyday treatment for menopause symptoms; nevertheless, a variety of published studies reveal Black …
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HRT Slows Atherosclerosis in Younger Women

Starting hormone therapy early after menopause was related to a substantial slowing of atherosclerotic progression– but waiting more than a …
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