How can a retroverted uterus - backward tilted uterus -be treated?

At one time operations designed to antevert the retroverted uterus (ventrosuspension) were frequently undertaken in the belief that this could cure virtually every gynaecological symptom including infertility, menstrual disturbance, pelvic pain and backache. Scientific validation of the benefits of such surgery were not undertaken. Nowadays, surgery to antevert the uterus is rarely performed. When symptoms develop relatively late in the reproductive years they are more likely to result from disease processes such as endometriosis, fibroids or prolapse.

It is generally considered prudent to introduce a Hodge vaginal pessary as a test (Figure 23.4). This pessary is designed to temporarily keep the uterus in an anteverted position. If the symptoms resolve with the pessary and return when the pessary is removed there would be some evidence that surgery may be beneficial. There are several operations to antevert the uterus. They tend to shorten the round ligaments; these are attached to the top corners of the uterus and reach the pelvic side wall. The ligaments may be stitched to the ligamentous tissue at the front of the abdominal wall. These operations are relatively simple to perform but as with any operation, they are not without potential complication (surgery risks).

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