Kaleli S. Aydin Y. Erel CT. Colgar U.


Dr. S. Kaleli, PO Box 11, Cerrahpasa, Istanbul; Turkey.


Symptomatic treatment of premenstrual mastalgia in premenopausal women with lisuride maleate: A double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study (2001-3293).


Fertility and Sterility. Vol 75(4) (pp18-723), 2001.



To determine the therapeutic effect of lisuride maleate on premenstrual mastalgia in premenopausal women.


Double-blind randomized prospective study.


Department of obstetrics and gynecology at a university hospital.


Sixty women with premenstrual mastalgia were included in the study. Study and control groups consisted of 30 women each.


Women enrolled in the study and control group were given one tablet daily (0.2 mg) of lisuride maleate or placebo orally for 2 months. Severity of mastalgia was evaluated using the visual analog scale.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Severity of mastalgia and side effects of the drug administered.


Mastalgia subsided significantly in women receiving lisuride maleate compared with controls. There were no significant side effects from lisuride maleate. Prolactin levels decreased significantly in the group receiving lisuride, which correlated well with pain resolution.


Lisuride maleate may be useful for the symptomatic treatment of premenstrual mastalgia.

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