Any treatment provided for you can only be given with your consent. Informed consent is a specific term indicating that the proposed treatment is relatively new or is the subject of a research study. It would be appropriate for informed consent to be re quested when the medication being offered is outside the current licence. For example, the author is currently prescribing metformin for PCOS (Q7.14) only with informed consent. There is a wealth of information about metformin and international authorities have documented the potential value of this treatment. Metformin, however, is not yet licensed for the treatment of PCOS. Similarly, the author has initiated a research study to investigate the potential value of antibiotics for couples with infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage. The research has the approval of the hospital and the local research ethics committee. As there is no proof that these couples have an infection, the relevant antibiotics can only be prescribed with informed consent. Whenever a doctor is providing you with a treatment that is still under relatively early evaluation, your informed consent is required. Your doctor should ensure that you are given a full explanation in the clinic and usually some written information sheets. This information should indicate:

  •  the objectives of the treatment / study.
  •  what will be required from you.
  •  any possible risks.
  •  potential benefits.
  •  other treatments that are available.
  •  confirmation that you have the right not to enter the trial and that you may leave it should you wish to do so.

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    I do hope that you find the answers to your women's health questions in the patient information and medical advice provided.

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