What is Mercilon?

Mercilon is taken by mouth with the objective of preventing pregnancy.

Each pack of Mercilon contains three strips of 21 tablets. There is also a 28 day pack with 7 blanks Mercilon ED

Mercilon tablets are a type of hormonal contraception commonly known as 'the pill' or combined oral contraceptive pill. Mercilon tablets contain ethinylestradiol and Desogestrel. They are synthetic versions of the naturally occurring female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Ethinylestradiol (spelt ethinyloestradiol in the UK) is a synthetic version of oestrogen and norethisterone is a synthetic form of progesterone.

Combined oral contraceptives like Mercilon work by over-riding the normal menstrual cycle.



Each Mercilon tablet contains the active ingredients Desogestrel 0.15mg and ethinylestradiol 20 micrograms.

Mercilon is a monophasic pill - each tablet has the same dose of hormones in it. One tablet is taken every day for 21 days and you then have a seven day break from pill-taking. During your seven day break, the levels of the hormones in your blood drop, which results in a withdrawal bleed that is similar to your normal period. You start the next pack after the seven pill-free days are up, even if you are still bleeding.

Mercilon is a third generation combined oral contraceptive pill.

At one time, there was an view that there  were increased risks with third generation pills but on the balance of evidence, it is now accepted that these pills may be offered as a first choice option.

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