Lactic acid gel has become available in gel format from December 2008 as Relactagel

The incidence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) in pregnant women is 15-20%.  It has been suggested that significant numbers of pre-term births can be prevented in women considered to be of “high” or normal risk for pre-term birth, by screening and treating BV in pregnancy.  Bacterial vaginosis is thought to occur as a result of a change in vaginal pH mediated by the metabolic activity of anaerobic bacteria.

A natural approach to restore normal vaginal pH without any drug intervention is merited.  Relactagel, a lactic acid gel, delivers a natural body substance to the site of bacterial infection to lower vaginal pH and encourage lactobacilli proliferation.  Glycogen is also added as a substrate to further enhance lactobacilli growth thus re-establishing the normal vaginal ecosystem and aiding the elimination of the discharge and characteristic unpleasant odour. 

Lactic acid restores natural vaginal acidity and has been shown to treat and prevent bacterial vaginosis.8601, 9003

Application of Relactagel as a preventive measure may also help to avoid onset of this condition as well as reduce frequency of recurrence.  Furthermore, this natural approach may also be the preferred choice of treatment, particularly in pregnancy, where the lactic acid simply helps the body to help itself!

Each pack contains seven easy applicator disposable tubes.  To treat moderate problems use one single tube every day for 7 days at bedtime.  For prevention, one single tube every day for 2-3 days after menstruation is recommended. 

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Relactagel alters the vaginal pH and may assist in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.