There are areas of our body that we would all want to increase control. whether it’s a bit of lift in the bust or the butt. Especially, during holiday seasons with lots of great food and nice costumes, it becomes even more necessary. And there is certainly nothing wrong, either with using shapewear. Even celebrities often use to support, especially when walking on the red carpet.

Luckily, the market is chock-full of great shapewear that promises to solve in your problem areas body. These are pieces you can wear whenever you feel the need to reduce your tummy, shape your waistline, and support your back.

By now, your lingerie drawer should also be filled with great shapewear pieces. Not only do these handy undergarments lift you in all the right places, but they also help make a seamless base which helps your clothes look and fit better.

Shapewear can help you look and feel your best, but it needs to be able to smooth while still feeling comfortable. With so many styles to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones actually offer tummy control. Like most undergarments, the number of options in stores can make you feel confused. So to help you cut through the clutter, we turned to real reviews from shoppers to find out which shapewear pieces are actually worth buying.

We’ve rounded up 14 shapewear waist essentials that customers say are both flattering and comfortable.


1. Higher Power Shorts

– This do-it-all style shapes your thighs, butt, and hips with extra emphasis on the tummy. This style is designed to get a no-slip waistband to help it stay in place. The best part is you can wear it all day: The lightweight, seamless fabric offers medium firmness, so it’ll smooth without feeling like you can’t breathe.

– 100% Nylon, machine wash cold, hang dry, imported.

– Color: Black, Soft Nude, Taupe Tone.


2. Comfortably Smooth Slip Shorts

– These shorts are also lightweight and seamless so they’ll smooth without feeling too constricting. Think of them as a layering bottom that you can wear under anything, whether skirts, dresses, or pants. Short panties to keep you looking flawless and feeling confident all day every day.

– 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex, hand wash, imported.

– It comes in many shades, so you’ll have lots of choices.


3. Maidenform Shapewear Hi-Waist

– This high-rise brief has firm control around the tummy and a silicon waistband to help keep it in place. It’s designed to smooth bulges and create the look of hourglass curves.

– Two-ply mesh liner.

– Body: 70% Nylon, 30% Elastane; Crotch Lining: 100% Cotton.

– Hand wash, imported.

– Color: Black, White, Latte Lift.


4. Back-Smoothing Bra

– This style has smoothing fabric to get rid of bra-induced back-fat. The 4-way-stretch, the nylon-lycra fabric is moisture-wicking, keep you cool and comfortable all day long, during any activity and in any weather. The integrated underwire bra provides superior breast support and the molded foam cups provide beautiful shaping of the breasts.

– 85% Nylon, 15% Lycra.

– Color: Black, Nude.


5. Seamless Shapewear Tank Top

– If you often wear an everyday layering tank top, this one’s for you, but it won’t feel as constricting as regular shapewear. Look slim and sexy in this seamless essential. It’s designed with increased compression at the midsection and is made to fit up to a G cup bra without compressing your bust.

– 95.5% Nylon, 4.5% Spandex, machine wash, imported.

– Color: Black, Nude.


6. Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

– There’s light lining around the cups since you won’t need your own bra. Plus, with the bottom closure, you can pee without changing into your suit.

– 72% Nylon, 28% Spandex, hand wash, imported.

– Hook and eye closure.

– Color: Black, White, Rose Wood.


7. Shape Away Extra Firm Control Torsette

– This style has the stay-in-place benefits of a bodysuit but gives you even more compression than the previous style and you can wear your favorite bra thanks to a fully open bust feature. Comfortably, it shapes your tummy, back, and rear. This one also has the bottom closure that’s a lifesaver in the bathroom.

– Elastane, Nylon. Hook and Eye closure.

– Color: Black, Nude.


8. Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher

– The structured boning and smoothing fabric work together to give you an hour-glass shape. It’s designed for everyone but is loved by postpartum women who want abdominal support. Wear it under any dress, skirt, or top without giving away your secret. Feel more confident with your own curvy body.

– 75% Natural Rubber 25% Cotton.

– Color: Endless Black, Beige.


9. Reach Arm Slimming Shaper

– Shapewear isn’t just for your tummy!  this compression garment for smoothing under long-sleeve tops and dresses. It’s thin enough that it’ll fit under layers and is designed to help with sagging skin reduces jiggle and shrinks inches from your upper and lower arms. Comfortable and easy to wear. MeMois Long Sleeve Arm Shaper is here to support you!

– 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

– Color: Black, Nude.


10. Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

– This style for Women Small to Plus-Size. Body shaper for women has been designed to let you embrace your curves, make you fell confidence, and finally, start loving yourself again. Empetua seamless design that keeps things silently unseen to everyone but you.

– Sizes from S to 4XL.

– Non-slip silicone strip to prevent rolling.

– Color: Black, Nude.


11. Women’s Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts Brilliance High-Waist Panty Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Bodysuit

– These lightweight body shaper shorts will become your favorite to control your midsection and make you look and feel thinner. Featuring a comfortable high waist smooth design to make your tummy look tighter. Shapewear is matched for any season. This piece is a must-have addition to any ladies wardrobe!

– Material: Spandex / Nylon.

– Color: Black, Nude.


12. Women Waist Trainer Shapewear Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts Hi-Waist Butt Lifter Thigh Slimmer

– Extra-high waist design provides all-around slimming for your midsection, making your body no lumps and no bulge. Breathable and lightweight fabric is comfortable to wear all day long. The cotton crotch part is very smooth & soft & healthy.

– Hand wash in cold wate. It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising. Do not bleach.

– Material: Top grade Polyamide/Spandex fabrics.

– Size: XS – 3XL

– Color: Black, Beige.


13. Women Seamless Bodysuit Shapewear Thong Girdle Colombia Open Bust Firm Control Faja Body Shaper

– This style has three super-slimming, seamless layers providing a smooth feel and support. The middle latex lining held weight loss right where we all need it most. This product also features removable and adjustable straps. It has functions: reduced waistline, lift the bust, reduce back bulge.

– Material: Outer lining 86% nylon, 14% spandex. Middle lining 100% latex. Inner lining 86% nylon, 14% spandex.

– Size: XS – 3XL

– Color: Black, Beige.


14. Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Thigh Slimmer for Dress Body Shaper Shorts

– Witkey Tummy Control Thigh Slimmer Body Shaper helps to flatten your tummy, lift up your butt, reduce your waistline, give you fitted body shape, make you look sexier and eye-catching. The ultra-soft breathable fabric making much comfortable and easy to slip into. Very healthy to wear every day. This Shapewear Shorts for women with double stitching and cotton crotch.

– Size: XS – 3XL

– Color: Black, Beige.


How to use:

– Shapewear can make you look slimmer and sleeker in a cocktail dress, work clothes, or jeans and a T-shirt.

– As long as you wear it properly, shapewear should be relatively comfortable. You can choose what spots, to target just your thighs, butt, or multiple areas.” It should never be too tight.

– Get the right fit. You may be tempted to buy a smaller size in shapewear to look smaller but shapewear that is too small will be difficult to wear for long periods of time and may affect breathing and movement

– You can wear shapewear to work, as long as it’s not bothering you. That it can help you feel more confident.

– If you’re pregnant, you have to check with your doctor about whether you can use special maternity shapewear.

– Shapewear should help women with varicose veins, which can be uncomfortable when standing.

– Look for the right fabric. If you live in a warmer climate, consider cotton or similar fabrics.


– Choose shapewear with a suitable design, good elastic material, and make you feel comfortable. Because when wearing shapewear, which means you have to wear two costumes, you will wear it all day, work and move, so if feeling uncomfortable and frustrated will make you feel bad

– Decide which style is best for your body and what areas you wish to target. – Here we listed all best waist trainers for women. Among these all 14 shapewear with lots of great features. If you want to know more, click here: WOMENS HEALTH

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