Ladies, have you been working out to get the so-called “hourglass” shape body but doesn’t seem to have any effective result yet?
Some of you might even have a strict exercise schedule every day. For those who are lucky enough to not have too much belly fat, a simple daily stretch would work to get the perfect shape. However, if you are a beginner and already have big waist size, you would definitely need a little support.
Waist trainers are more than just a hot new fitness trend. The concept has been around since women and men realized that women who wore corsets were more likely to have smaller waistlines.

Nowadays, women have always exercised in corsets, but the waist cinchers of today are designed to work for women using today’s modern exercising techniques. Made with flexible materials like latex, these modern waist trainer corsets are more versatile and comfortable than ever before.
Check out below with this list of the 10 most popular waist trainer corsets that have been playing a major part for women in this century!


1. Ann Chery Waist Trainer and Shaper – Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Cincher Belt

  • An effective for waist workout wouldn’t be any better without the aid from this Ann Chery product. This body-shaping material tights up and smoothes your stomach instantly. When you put it on, it provides you with a fresh and comfortable feeling. This corset comes with 3 levels of the hook and eye closure which you can adjust and compress according to the size of your own body. High compression for slimming effect. The best part of this product is that allows you to wear every daily. Inner layer constructed with cotton fabric. This product is imported.
  • Size: XS – 3XL.
  • Coming with 4 choices of lively colors; black, blue, grey, and pink.


2. Waist Trainer Corset for Women, High Compression Waist Cincher for Tummy Control

  • This product is made of skin-friendly material with an outer layer by nylon; Mid-layer: Latex; Inner layer: cotton. It’s comfortable, adjustable, stretchy and flexible fabric, which fits your body perfectly. There are 9 steel bones for this waist trainer strong support, which aim to keep you in the best posture. 3 rows hook and eye closure which allows for size adjustment. Make you control flabby belly and promote quick postpartum recovery. Waist trainer corsets can be used in a gym, yoga room, office, party, wedding, conference room, and other occasions to help you reduce waistline and make you more attractive and confident.
  • Color: Black, Beige.
  • Size: XXS – 6XL.


3. Wonder-beauty Latex Waist Trainer Corset Waist Cincher Vest Body Shaper

  • This product is 100% natural latex, Inner lining: 96% cotton, 4% spandex, it can control your tummy. It comes with 3 rows of hook that gives convenience when changing and adjusting. It looks quite simple but the structure of the attached bones has made it let you wear it easily on all occasions. You can either put it on while doing yoga or even for normal daily wear. It does not only help to give you the S-curve body but also help straighten up your backbone for a good standing posture.
  • Size: XS – 6XL.
  • Color: Black.


4. Eleady Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Steel Boned Body Shaper Vest With Adjustable Straps

  • Everyone knows that in order to properly have a perfect curve, you have to do much exercise. If you are one of those that would soak themselves in sweat while working out, this corset product would definitely your ideal choice. The special part for this one is that it has a type of fabric that is water-resistant. Therefore, no matter how sweaty you become, you wouldn’t feel the stickiness at all. Material with 90% Polyester + 10% Spandex. Three columns of hook-and-eye closures ensure this waist cincher vest could fit your figure to the most extent. Breast design which keeping push up breast. You can wear any occasion you want to be slimmer and post-partum lose weight.
  • Hand wash with soft detergent.
  • Size: XS – 4XL.
  • Color: Black, Beige.


5. LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sports Workout Body Shaper Black

Although this product is thick, it is very flexible as it will stretch in and out easily which gives you comforts indeed. You won’t have to worry about it rolling up or down as well because of its spiral steel bone inside. Moreover, it doesn’t only tuck your tummy in while you are burning the fat, it even helps reduce back pain and correct your posture in the right way. High-quality material: non latex rubber 96% Cotton + 4% Spandex Lining. 3 Hooks & 1 zip for a different level of compression, a hook on the top design make Front Zip easy on&off.High-quality zipper easy to pull from the bottom and allows you to hide it and gives you a slimmer and cleaner look.

  • Size: S – 4XL.
  • Color: Black, Beige.


6. ShaperQueen 1010 Women Best Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear

  • This product is perfect for slimming your body, you are able to use it for various purposes, not just for exercising. Besides that, mothers who just deliver a baby can also use it to help bring back to the previous size as it compresses your tummy little by little if you wear it daily. Material: Polyester/Spandex is a high-quality fabric that is breathable and comfortable, antibacterial, moisture-wicking. The bottom opening design with 3 hooks makes it easy to use the restroom. The boning system prevents rolling down so it stays in place on your waist for the whole time you wear it. 3 hooks and eye columns that allow you to easily adjust its tightness around the waist.
  • Size: XS – 2XL.
  • Color: Black, Nude, White


7. ShaperQueen 1020 – Women Best Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear

  • If you are looking for those that can be worn all day and doesn’t have to be specific only in the gym, this is the best your choice. Material: Polyester/Spandex. Not that the fabric layer is only breathable, yet it is also antibacterial. Meaning there is no need to worry that it will affect your skin after wearing all day long. Four flexible bones help to keeps the garment in place. Its high waist design features 3 Hook and eye columns that allow you to easily adjust its tightness around the waist. Once it is zipped, the flat soft fabric will pull in all the belly fat, and all you get is a slim lining body. Best shapewear to be worn after having a baby.
  • Size: XS – 3XL.
  • Color: Black, Nude, White.


8. Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt Lifter Tummy Control Panty Slim Waist Trainer

  • There is an additional advantage of comparing other products. Gotoly does not only summarize your waist, but it also plays the role of lifting your butt. When you wear it, you will immediately get a slim waist, flat stomach, and perfect sexy butt. Its fabric is 90% cotton and 10% polyester, it can be stretched at any circumstance as you want. It is very comfortable for all days wearing and just like you are wearing nothing. It also good when worn under the tight dress and no trace of lining will be seen despite your slim body line. If you are having back pain, it can also take part in holding on and gripping your back carefully.
  • Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent.
  • Size: S – 3XL.
  • Color: Beige, Black, Red.


9. SAYFUT Women Shapewear Butt Lifter Waist Cincher Boy Short Tummy Control Panty

  • This is a 3 in 1 woman shapewear that has the ability to lift your butt, slim your thigh, and is a good waist training partner. It’s tight to shaper your form well. Sexy, comfortable and invisible, perfect for jeans, shorts, a tight dress or simply give your butt a boost while working out. When working out, it helps to boost up your butts that make it more convenient for you to perform the task. Visibly reduced waistline and back bulge. Material: Polyester/Spandex is high-quality fabric breathable and comfortable to be worn all day long, sweat-free comfort, moisture-wicking.
  • Size: S – 3XL.
  • Color: Black, Nude.



The waist training corset retains its shape even after a period of use. This product has 3 Layers Fabric. Lining: Cotton 96%. Spandex 4%. Core: Latex 100%. So they won’t lose their shape. Its front hooks let you secure the waist training corset firmly around your waist. The waist trainer will provide a heat promoting environment for your body to increase your blood flow.
iSZEYU waist Trainer corset comes in black, pink, beige, and blue colors. Also, this waist training corset is available in different sizes to let you choose.


How to use:

You should select your size based on your current waistline measurement.

Initially, the women should use the waist trainer from 4-6 hours/day. And persevering from 4 to 6 months will see results.

Do not tie the belt continuously. How to tie the body to feel most comfortable. Besides, should also remove the waistband before going to bed.


The popularity of waist trainers continues to grow all over the world, because of their effective results. They work by trapping heat and boosting the metabolic rate and heart rate of the body, which in turn triggers weight loss.
Here we listed all best waist trainers corsets. Among these all 10 waist trainers with lots of great features. If you want to know more, click here: Womens Health

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