Bill requires doctors to follow script on stopping drug-induced abortion

Costs needs medical professionals to follow script on stopping drug-induced abortion

SALT LAKE CITY– Rep. Keven Stratton makes no secret about where he stands on abortion: The Orem Republican is decidedly pro-life. Yet Stratton insisted that HB141 is neither pro-life nor pro-choice. “It’s an informed authorization (costs),” he told his coworkers in the Utah Legislature. Concerns about whether Stratton had actually placed his political leanings into the bill went unanswered Friday during argument on the Home floor, but the legislation quickly advanced with a 56-13 vote. HB141 next goes to the Senate for its factor to consider. The costs would mandate that physician notify ladies who want a drug-induced abortion that it can be stopped if they change their minds after taking the first of 2 pills required in the procedure. Stratton stated the intent of the expense is to make sure ladies have all the details had to make an educated choice about drug-induced abortion. “I would hope that we can all support the concept of having excellent, accurate, scientific information as we make those choices,” he stated. Whether the clinical info Stratton cited in assistance of the expense is “excellent” or “precise” was the focus of debate on the Home floor Friday. The procedure f.

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