How To Prevent Breast Cancer

The best ways to Avoid Bust Cancer

Nevertheless, following menopause, fat tissues secrete the majority of the hormones. With more fat tissues, the quantity of estrogen produced is high which in turn, …
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UW scientists find state of mind improvement in menopausal hormone therapy

Women looking for relief from menopause with hormone replacement can breathe a sigh of relief â $” and maybe wear a bigger smile, too. New research …
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LDX, The ADHD Drug Helpful For Menopausal Women

â $ Reports of cognitive decline, particularly in executive functions, are prevalent among menopausal ladies, â $ stated lead author C. Neill Epperson, …
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ADHD drug enhances cognitive decrease in menopausal ladies

“There are roughly 90 million post-menopausal women living in the US alone, and with the average age of onset occurring at 52, the excellent …
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Menopause: Early Symptoms

It might sound strange, but even though I was working with women in menopause and understood more about it than the average doctor, I never thought it …
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