Below is a user guide for the Waist Trainer product WOMENS HEALTH Thoroughly researched and gives advice to all users. Wish you choose the best Waist Trainer and use the best way to own a physique like a model.


1. Harmful if improperly worn waistband

1.1. Causes hot, inflamed, itchy skin

One characteristic of the waist harness genes is that they are extremely elastic, sticking to the skin. The tummy is tight, the amount of sweat secreted in the corset will not escape, which will cause the hot, itchy conditions … This is also the first and most noticeable harm. of improper use of corsets.

1.2. Causes digestive tract problems

Types of the tight waistband, tighten the waist and cause stomach compression. The pressure on the tummy will impact the stomach, causing food to flow back into the esophagus, causing chest tightness. Especially, this also affects many other digestive problems.

1.3. Cause breathlessness, dizziness, fatigue

The waistband squeezes the abdomen over a long period of time, hindering blood flow. This is the cause of shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue.

2. When should you use a harness?

Corsets have many styles and designs. You can use the waist harness gene, waist shaping gene, waist harness pants, etc. along with countless other products with similar waist reduction effects. Therefore, based on your needs and affordability, you should choose the product that best suits you. We should use the waistband properly when the oversized waistline or fat accumulates too long in the abdomen area to make your waist become less slim and firm. For office workers who often sit for a long time, you can use the waistband for about 4 to 6 hours during work.

Particularly for postpartum women, you need to keep in mind the important note in the proper harness. As follows:

+ After 1 month of birth: Should use the abdominal gene 1 hour/day

+ After 3 months: Can use the waist harness gene 2 hours/day

+ After 6 months: Using the waist harness gene 4-6 hours/day

+ Women who regularly sauna after giving birth should not use belly corsets.

+ Women during pregnancy, absolutely should not use methods to reduce belly fat.

People suffering from anemia, cardiovascular disease: The type of waist trainers can affect the blood circulation process causing shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, … Therefore, people with anemia or related diseases Cardiovascular patients should not use this method. Do not tie the belt continuously. How to tie the body to feel most comfortable. Besides, should also remove the waistband before going to bed.

3. How to choice waist trainer:

Based on a number of factors related to the product and the thoroughness will help you choose the best waist trainer:

+ Material: must ensure elasticity, clear origin.

+ Body shape: the product must be suitable for the body shape and purpose of many women’s weight loss. For example, weight loss in the buttocks and waist should be using the belly gene underwear, or weight loss in the waist should only be used in the abdominal gene shaping pants.

+ Convenience of the product: As long as it is compact, it is easy to transport when you use it anywhere. In addition, high-class waistband genes must be easy to use and clean.

Here are three factors to help you evaluate the quality of the product. In addition, you also need to base on the price and whether the shopping address is reputable not to choose the best product.

4. Use waistband waist size reduction effectively:

The use of waistband to reduce waistline needs to follow the process and principles of use in order to achieve the most significant and best effect. Here are three basic steps to use latex waist corset gene or corset you need to refer to apply immediately for yourself:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the waistband

This is definitely the most difficult time for people who have never used these products, but it is also the most interesting and surprising time when you see the first use of the waistband gene.

Day 1-3: Wear the gene for 2 hours a day to get used to it

Day 4-7: If the first 3 days you feel more comfortable, increase the time to use 30 minutes / every day.

Experience using the most effective waistline reduction waistband

Step 2: accelerate waist reduction

Once you get used to the waist harness gene, you are comfortable in the first week of using it, so in week 2 of step 2, you should increase the time to wear the belt up again, also 30 minutes/day.

That is, days 8 – 10: 4h / day

Days 11-14: add 30 minutes a day

Step 3: Listen to your body and adjust the time to wear a waistband

After going through the above 2 stages for the waistband to “understand” your body, by this 3rd step you have seen quite good results, you will be surprised if you take a picture of your waist when you haven’t used it until now – a significant improvement, slimmer waistline. However, it is with your body completely comfortable when going through the two steps above, you should increase the time to wear the belt to accelerate the process of burning belly fat. If your body is still hard, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, difficult to shape, then stretch your waist a little and reduce the time to wear to the body can adjust gradually. Or you can go back to step 1 to try again.

You should perform the entire process of waistline reduction for at least 2 months will see the most effective reduction of belly fat. (Reduce 1 size about 5-7cm).

And after reducing the size you want to continue to reduce, go to Huonglee’s premises to change the smaller size.

Do not because of the desire to quickly reduce waistline but “burn” the stages of wearing a waistband.

5. Genetic hygiene like?

Latex corsets, waist trainer corset or Corset belts also need to be cleaned, ensuring the wearer’s safety, and increasing the durability and efficiency of using genes.

The following signs indicate that your corset wants to be cared for, clean and fragrant:

+ When the shirt has a foul odor from sweat during wearing a waistband

+ See some streaks due to dead skin, excess fat removed and sweat secreted to form.

+ There were other stains during use

+ You haven’t cleaned them for a long time

Here’s how to properly clean your lap belt:

+ Wash by hand, avoid washing by washing machine.

+ Wash in cold water and mix with soap, or specialized washing water.

+ After washing, squeeze gently and dry naturally in a shaded area (avoid exposure outside in the sun, it will easily damage the belly gene).

+ Put tummy tuck into the dark corner after washing and drying. + If you do not have time, you must use the washing method in a washing machine, remember to choose the gentle/delicate wash mode and wash it in cold water to prevent the gene from losing its strength, elasticity.

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