Key biological interaction uncovered that occurs during fertilization

Secret biological communication revealed that takes place throughout fertilization

Before it can fertilize an egg, a sperm has to bind to and bore with an external egg layer called the zona pellucida.See all stories on this subject

High cholesterol linked to infertility

Couples with high cholesterol have a minimized possibility of conceiving as swiftly as those couples with cholesterol levels within the typical range, according to a new study.See all stories on this topic

Marijuana impacts sperm size and shape in boys

Young men who use cannabis could be putting their fertility at risk by accidentally impacting the size and shape of their sperm according to study simply published.See all stories on this subject

Sperm-inspired robotics for medicine shipping, IVF, cell sorting and other applications at the microscopic level

A team of researchers at the University of Twente (Netherlands) and German University in Cairo (Egypt) has actually established sperm-inspired microrobots, which can be regulated by oscillating weak magnetic …See all stories on this topic

Paternal age a determinant of birth success rates with stimulated IUI

At the 2014 Yearly Fulfilling of the American Urological Association, researchers presented information that advancing paternal age is a predictor of live birth success rates.See all stories on this subject

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