Menopausal women tackle stigma of symptoms to prolong sex lives

Menopausal ladies take on stigma of symptoms to lengthen sex lives

Joan Boone, 67, states menopause killed her sex life. When she stopped getting her duration at the early age of 39, her vagina ended up being so dry that sexual …
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Let'' s Discuss Sex … Post-Menopause!

Lots of females going with menopause experience these signs every day. A lesser-discussed yet typical truth of menopause is the unfavorable …
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Avoiding Hormones For Menopause? Try These 5 Natural herbs

Did you know that the use of exogenous hormones such as the birth control capsule or hormones throughout menopause increases prospective risk for breast …
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Combatting weight gain after menopause

If you are recently going into menopause, you may be shocked to discover yourself suddenly gaining weight — as if hot flashes, sleep problems, and night sweats …
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Are Females Moodier Than Men?The media has teemed with

short articles about treating grumpiness, how cats are grumpy and how the menopause along with mood swings connected with it … See all stories on this topic

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