Menopause Brings Emotional and Physical Changes

Menopause Brings Psychological and Physical Modifications

Menopause is the time when women stop having their periods so they are not able to bear kids. Menopause, as specified by the Mayo Center, …
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Cindy Williams stars in Tampa musical

It is, as the name suggests, an upbeat show about menopause. Four disparate ladies meet and find that they'' re all having problem with some element of …
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New Laser Treatment for Postmenopausal Women Presented by Physicians' ' Medical care of SWF

… of vaginal atrophy, a condition influencing primarily menopausal ladies, breast cancer survivors and ladies who have undergone hysterectomies.See all stories on this topic Females humorously bond over the inescapable life modification in ' Menopause The Musical ' Now, 40 years later, Williams is in a different sort of sisterhood â $”one of chocolate binges and troublesome hot flashes in â $ Menopause the Musical, â $ … See all stories on this subject EXCLUSIVE: Women find menopausal relief with modern MonaLisa Touch laser Lasers are the things of films embeddeded in celestial spaces â $”now they can carry menopausal ladies into sexual heaven. Physicians and clients are … See all stories on this topic

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