Our Brains Are Made for Enjoying Art

Our Brains Are Made for Relishing Art

Body heat: Very couple of women misidentify or decorate the hot flashes and night sweats experienced throughout menopause, a brand-new research says. Menopause …
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Much better Nutrition for Better Sleep During Menopause

Of the lots of negative effects dealt with by ladies approaching menopause, the most disruptive could be the abrupt changes in body temperature commonly …
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Patients at Lordswood Healthy Living Centre battle to overturn Medway Clinical Commissioning …

Hundreds of ladies who depend on â vitalâ hormone therapy to ease serious menopausal symptoms have actually written a joint letter to the wellness organization …
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Putting ovaries to sleep: The defend fertility for breast cancer patients

Premature menopause is a common negative effects of chemotherapy, which can close down estrogen production by damaging a female'' s egg supply.
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Cancer survivor'' s medical trial creates ' little miracle ' The early menopause research study found that ladies who received the medicine were less most likely to be in menopause 2 years after their cancer( 8 per cent … See all stories on this subject

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