Rates of breast-conserving therapy for early-stage breast cancer have increased, study finds

Rates of breast-conserving treatment for early-stage breast cancer have maximized, study discovers

The use of breast-conserving therapy for ladies diagnosed with early-stage bust cancer rose between 1998 and 2011, a study finds, though there are still barriers to the procedure.See all storieson this subject Much lower heart rate variability turns females off Very first research study to connectlower resting heart rate irregularity with sexual problems in womenChances are excellent that women with a low heart rate variability also struggle with sexual dysfunction.See all stories on this subject Medical and health care difficulties for lesbian and bisexual ladies highlighted in LGBT Health special More than one third of African American lesbian or bisexual females reported an unfavorable experience with a heathcare company and many of those females did not seek treatment the next time they were … See all stories on this topic Cervical cancer screening: evaluation calls for urgent screening changes To alter understandings of cervical cancer, scientists call for awareness campaigns and for the upper age limitation for cervical screening to be revisited.See all stories on this topic Air pollution might contribute to white matter loss in the brain In a new research, older ladies who lived in places with higher air pollution had actually substantially lowered white matter in

the brain.See all stories on this subject

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