Research finds students prefer exam papers using Verdana font

Research study finds trainees prefer examination papers utilizing Verdana font style

Research study recently carried out by the Matsec Assistance Unit on the ease with which students sitting for examinations can check out different typefaces, and whether students with dyslexia have different preferences, has re­& shy; vealed that the most readable font style for most of trainees is Verdana. Matsec exam documents have generally been written using Times New Roman since this font allows readers to compare the number ‘& lsquo; 1 & rsquo;, uppercase ‘& lsquo; i & rsquo;, and letter & lsquo; l & rsquo;, apart from the fact that it was the standard typeface in Microsoft Word. However, there have been different suggestions to use other typesets such as Arial, Georgia, Verdana and Helvetica, among others. Other typefaces, such as Comic Sans, have been particularly recommended for trainees with dyslexia. The system conducted 2 studies to discover respondents’ & rsquo; preferences out of a selection of 9 typefaces. The very first study was conducted among 3,000 students who sat for Matsec exams, of which 458 students reacted to the questionnaire. The findings suggested that Verdana was the favored font style, as displayed in figure 1 above. The study did not consider differences in typeface size …

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Expert artist to share experience as a dyslexic

KUCHING: The Dyslexia Association of Sarawak (DASwk) in cooperation with the State Library (Pustaka), State Education Department and Le Nomade Hostel will be arranging an art exhibition and workshop at Pustaka from 9am on July 8 and 9. Its president Dr Ong Puay Hoon said the two-day occasion will be conducted by professional artist and illustrator Vincent Low. “Low will be sharing his life experiences as a dyslexic with moms and dads, teachers and the public on July 8 and showcasing his artwork on both days of the occasion,” inning accordance with her statement yesterday. According to her, Low sustained a bitter experience throughout his school days as his parents and teachers did not understand he was dyslexic, so did not supply the assistance he needed. “He failed in many subjects, was constantly penalized by his instructors and bullied by pals. In secondary school, he was associated with gangsterism, often played truant and smoked. “However, his life started to alter when his dad enrolled him in an art and advertising court after he stopped working the SPM. Today, Low is a successful artist and illustrator whose artwork have been included in Morocco and Singapore as well as published in the mass media such as …

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