Soluble corn fiber may improve women's bone health

Soluble corn fiber may improve women’s bone health

Soluble corn fiber (SCF) is a nondigestible carbohydrate utilized in foods and beverages such as cereals, baked products, sweet, dairy items, frozen foods, carbonated drinks, and flavored water. SCF assists produce packaged food that have lower sugar contents, while offering a valuable source of dietary fiber. Proof suggests that SCF has a lot of the same health advantages associated with intact dietary fiber discovered in grains, veggies, vegetables, and fruit. SCF might improve intestinal tract regularity and has prebiotic properties. Furthermore, SCF supports healthy blood sugar control and supports bone health by increasing calcium absorption. The daily advised fiber consumption for adults in the United States is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for guys. Nevertheless, most Americans take in around half of the recommended quantity. Fiber-enriched foods assist bridge the scarcity of fiber in the diet plan without significantly increasing calorie content. In the brand-new research, the group aimed to assess how the dose of SCF impacted calcium absorption, bone properties, and gut microbiome in adolescent and postmenopausal women. “We are looking deeper in the gut to develop healthy bone in women and assist older …
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