Vitamin D offers no relief for menopausal symptoms, study says

Vitamin D provides no relief for menopausal signs, study says

Vitamin D and calcium supplements are not likely to relieve the hot flashes, night sweats and state of mind swings typically associated with menopause. A research of …
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More Regular Over night Hot Flashes Linked with Brain Scan Changes

More than 70 percent of women have hot flashes – a sudden feeling of intense heat and sweatiness – while transitioning into menopause, stated …
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Research shows very first indicators that drug used to treat ADHD may improve cognitive troubles for …

“Reports of cognitive decrease, particularly in executive functions, are prevalent among menopausal women,” said lead author, C. Neill Epperson, MD …
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The pleasure of anti-psychotic drugs

This was better than the time I told her I remained in the menopause and all she said was, '' No, you ' re not. ' And sent me home to sweat myself half to death.See all stories on this topic Could ADHD Drug Discover New Role in Menopause?But scientists discovered it likewise may help to enhance menopausal females ' s”executive function”– brain activities such as memory, reasoning, … See all stories on this topic

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